2 years in…

Well I have been RUBBISH at posting in recent months so I must make more of a conscious effort to keep you all updated.

Things have been the usual 100 miles an hour since we moved in to the house with all of our attention and time being spent on starting our own business.

Henry and I have always known we wanted to work for ourselves and together so with out the long boring back story of the admin of setting up we would like to introduce to the world Curtis Properties & Landscaping Ltd!!

We’re so proud and excited and scared shitless… but we are determined and know we can do this.

We will be landscaping, snow removal, property management and hopefully a little interiors along the way. I’m also licence for freelance marketing so will be keeping the few clients I already have and making things more official. Henry is the muscle and I’m the admin, although we want to keep it just us for as long as we can so I dare say I will be picking up a shovel along the way.

This coming year is going to be some hard graft to get us really up and running but thankfully we have made some great connections already so we are not completely starting from scratch.

So what else have we been up too???

Well Christmas quiet, we both worked most of it, and the new year has welcomed us with pretty much -30 degrees every day AND a broken furnace. So to say it has been a strong start would be a lie.

But we are all healthy and happy and looking forward to the year ahead!

We’ve also welcomed a new member of the family. Our new German shepherd puppy “Zell”. She’s our new guard dog and Rockets best pal, so expect more pictures and stories of her as the year comes along. We’re hoping to put her through obedience school so we have an actual trained dog for once. The dachunds are not the best influence!!

From now on I promise to post more regularly and share our stories and antics.

Happy new year everyone.

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