1 Year “Canaversary”

Saturday the 9th January 2021 marked our 1 year “Canaversary”

1 year since we left the UK and all our family and friends. Neither of us really knew how to feel about it! Exhausted is probably the best word to describe it! So much uncertainty when we first arrived and then a marathon of a year to get to where we are now. But we are both immensely proud of where we are now and what we have achieved in on short year.

In the next few weeks, we should find out if we have enough points to be invited to apply for PR. As with all immigration, you are a number, not a person. They don’t care what you have gone through to get to where you are, you are marked on achievements you made 100 years before you even decided to move, and judged on your ability to speak a language you have spoken, written and listened to your whole life. 448. That’s our number, what ever the hell that even means! If they are looking for people who fit that number, then we get the thumbs up and the next part of our admin begins. Medicals, more paperwork, and a bunch more anxiety while we leave our fate in the hands of people who have never met us.

Sounds very bleak…it feels it as well. Our immigration story has not been a smooth one at all. Let’s just hope that the universe is with us this year and we get a little bit of luck.

We still have plenty more to pay our visa lawyers, and I’m sure the government here will be asking for more as the time goes one. But it doesn’t matter about the money. We will find it. We always do. (So far our quest for permanent residency is costing us $9k +)

This is still 100% our dream, still what we are working for every day and we both can’t WAIT for the day that we get that letter to say we can stay. That will be the day I finally sleep, relax and maybe open back up a bottle of fizz. (I have suffered dreadful insomnia since the summer, waking up every night at 2am and that’s it, no more sleep for me unless I take a lot of sleeping tablets and maybe one of Henry’s Indica gummies- I may tell you more about that one day. I blame anxiety)

So here we are, one year in, and very grateful for where we are. Still plowing through and making the most of our environment.

Our plan was to celebrate the year with a family photo shoot at the foot of the Three Sisters, but cold weather and uncooperative sun light cut that short and we had to bail. We will do this though, and I will share with you all our little family and our belated one-year smiles.

Fingers crossed for the news over the next few weeks, were going to need it!

W didn’t get our anniversary photos so here’s a few highlights from the year instead 🙂

2 thoughts on “1 Year “Canaversary”

  1. 9th January, was your grandma’s birthday. She would have been extremely proud of you. She never even crossed the channel, but often used to say about our relatives that moved to Canada back in the 1960’s. I don’t think she could start to comprehend what adventures you’ve begun

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