Raising a Rocket

Toddler Taming

Since Rocket turned 18 months I feel like he has progressed in to a little person, He’s not a baby anymore, And much like his mum and dad he has a BIG personality. We always knew that he was going to live up to his name, but jeez, I totally underestimated what living with aContinue reading “Toddler Taming”


Today is one of those bitter cold days. Obviously it’s cold in Canada in the winter, and right now we are in late December, the sky is gray and it says -6 but feels more like -15. The perfect time to think back of those warm summer days and outdoor activities. When you arrive inContinue reading “LadyMac”

Covid Christmas….

Christmas 2020 I think was a strange one for everyone. A very emotional time at the best of times, with out the C word ruining it for everyone. For me I would have to say it has been pretty special. It felt like a triumph! Although I missed my family and friends in the UKContinue reading “Covid Christmas….”

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