Covid Christmas….

Christmas 2020 I think was a strange one for everyone. A very emotional time at the best of times, with out the C word ruining it for everyone. For me I would have to say it has been pretty special. It felt like a triumph! Although I missed my family and friends in the UK so much, I think I had succumbed to the fact that it was going to be a fairly quiet one long before they made it official that no one was going anywhere.

I held out the hope that my mum and dad would be able to make it until late November and then I had to be tough on myself and admit the fact that no one was traveling anywhere at this time. I’m glad I did this because holding on to something that I have no control over really damages my mental health, and at a time like this I knew I had to be strong for my little boy and Henry. I decided that if I knew it was going to be just us three then I was going to make it the best Christmas I possibly could for us as a family, and I’m happy to say that I think we achieved that.

Work through out December was CRAZY for me and Henry. We have both worked our arses off this year to make it work and it seemed only fitting for December to be so busy, and so stressful, ultimately burning us both out just before the holiday. Valbella had it’s busiest Christmas ever with everyone staying home and ordering on line. And then in mid-December we had the heaviest snowfall I have ever seen with 50cm settling overnight. This meant Henry was working long hours plowing, and general day to day movement was made a lot more difficult. And then to top it off, all the kids in Rocket’s day home caught the same cold, shutting it down for half a week mid-month, right in my busy period of work. Henry was working early and I would wait for him to get home and then I would go to work. Not much fun, and not very festive. By the time Christmas eve came around I actually cried when I got home from work because I was so glad it was all over! (This is not a criticism of my employment, but more an emotional outburst from the whole years events I think)

After all the emotion I really think we made the most of it. I had been prepping for Christmas since early November. Riffling through the thrift store to find second hand decorations, and hand sewing Rocket his first ever stocking. I made a huge batch of ginger bread to gift our new friends here and bought and sent home gifts to family in the uk nice and early to make sure they arrived on time. Christmas eve Henry, Rocket and I went sledding with a big flask of egg nog at the park up the road. (Rum filled for me and Henry and Rocket loves the alcohol free nog!) We came home and had a charcuterie platter and put Rocket to bed. Henry and I spent the rest of the evening building Rockets presents from his grandparents (with the help of more egg nog) and finally crashed out at a respectable 10pm.

Christmas day was wonderful. Rocket was spoiled rotten with toys so we had a whole day of playing, and Henry and I both spoiled each other. We had a HUGE meal and Rocket sat at the table and ate all his dinner with us. Our neighborhood was so beautiful with all the snow still down from the previous weeks huge fall. We played outside half the day, giving the dogs loads of out door time before we eventually crashed out on the sofa.

All in all a pretty perfect couple of days.

I am disappointed that we didn’t get to join in in any festive activities. I always imagined it would be so traditional and community inspired here, but with everyone being locked in doors and serious lock down preventing anyone from socializing it was certainly a different feel.

As the year comes to an end I can honestly say I am exhausted! Working as much as we can but also trying to make the most of our environment and get out and explore, whilst dealing with this bloody epidemic, and tackling parenthood of a very head strong toddler!

So yes, Christmas has been a triumph, a pretty bloody big one. And I am so proud of where Henry and I are now.

I’m sure everyone is saying this but…..Next Christmas will be even better.

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