20-21 – New year intentions

HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2021 – The year the world was going to magically transform, covid would go away, global warming will have disappeared and world peace will reign over the land…. Yeah Right! But it’s nice to be optimistic. This changing of the year was pretty quiet, As I know everyone’s was. Henry andContinue reading “20-21 – New year intentions”


Today is one of those bitter cold days. Obviously it’s cold in Canada in the winter, and right now we are in late December, the sky is gray and it says -6 but feels more like -15. The perfect time to think back of those warm summer days and outdoor activities. When you arrive inContinue reading “LadyMac”

Covid Christmas….

Christmas 2020 I think was a strange one for everyone. A very emotional time at the best of times, with out the C word ruining it for everyone. For me I would have to say it has been pretty special. It felt like a triumph! Although I missed my family and friends in the UKContinue reading “Covid Christmas….”

Childcare in Canmore – The holy grail.

This post is about childcare! I intend for this to be more informational for those moving to Canada and particularly, Canmore. There’s a lot of different emotions I think any mother goes through when leaving their children in someone else’s care and I’m going to try and not touch on that. We all know theContinue reading “Childcare in Canmore – The holy grail.”