Wild Ice – Edition #2 – Minnewanka

Henry and I had an amazing experience skating on lake Minnewanka this winter. The lake, just outside Banff, is huge, and gives you so much space to explore. Our new year’s resolution of making more time for each other has started with our Friday afternoon dates. Making the most of a small amount of timeContinue reading “Wild Ice – Edition #2 – Minnewanka”

The Float: Banff to Canmore on The Bow River

It’s early January, pretty bloody cold, and lockdowns been extended! (great!) This seemed like a perfect time to tell you about my favorite summer adventure to cheer us all up! If you find yourself in Canmore mid-summer then you will not be able to avoid the beautiful Bow River and all the activities that itContinue reading “The Float: Banff to Canmore on The Bow River”