Restaurant Review: Kain Tayo – Canmore

After another “god knows how long” amount of time of restaurants being closed and general fun being banned… RESTAURANTS ARE OPEN AGAIN!!

Secret supper club can resume, meaning girls night, a little dressing up, a lot of chatting and even more food sharing. It’s felt so long and it felt so good to go out in a nice dress, put on some heels and make up and be with the girls.

It’s the best!!
This time around it was the turn of the new Kain tayo

Kain Tayo (ka-een ‘ta:yo) – Orgin: Tagalog -English Translation: LETS EAT.

Self proclaimed an “eclectic mix of street food”, and with a pretty good rep for their take away food during covid, we were all pretty excited to try this place out together.

Hidden down on 9th street next to Hello Vintage, the wooden beach front style decking covers the front of this little hide away. It doesn’t look much, but the staff were very friendly as we waked up the steps in to the plastic “covid safety” shields that fill the deck.

We started off with a cocktail to celebrate one of the girls birthdays. Electric Relaxation – Sounded exactly what I needed! Tequila being the main ingredient is usually a winner with me, mixed with Ginger liquor, Mandarin, Thai Basil and lime – Delicious and served in a beautiful martini glass. My only complaint is it took 15 minutes for them to make it! Maybe we were far down a list of other customers or maybe they are still just getting used to having real customers, but it’s a pretty small restaurant and it was early on so not full yet. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

As usual we all want to try everything so we all made choices, they popped it all in the middle of the table for us and we dug in.

To start we shared the Tako Poke, General Tso’s Chicken & Waffles and the Burrata.

The Take Poke was so fresh and delicious I could have eaten this all to myself, the mix of octopus and watermelon is not something I have ever thought of but it really works, so refreshing and light. A great starter.

Chicken and Waffles are a little heavy for me so I only had a taste but the chicken glaze that comes in a neat little side pot was amazing! A nice change to the usual Canadian maple syrup. A great twist on the classic comfort food.

And I think you have to be trying really hard to mess up a Burrata. Paired with the stewed vegetables and olives, this creamy cheese had just enough flavours to compliment it with out overpowering. I think this was all of our favourites.

For our main dishes we ordered the Ramen noodle salad, the Thai coconut chicken and dumpling stew and the Chinese roast crispy pork belly.

All three dishes were beautifully presented and came quickly after we finished the starters which I always like. All dishes were really good sizes as well. If you are going out to dinner a main course is definitely enough (This is not a fancy-tiny plate of food kinda restaurant, you certainly go home feeling fed!)

For me the most noteworthy dish was the Thai coconut chicken dumpling stew. Creamy with a little bit of spice, a really delicious summery dish. The option to add more beansprouts for a little extra crunch is always welcome with me

The food here is really great, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly making a great spot to go in the week for an easy meal out. It’s also pretty reasonable, although ordering cocktails really ramps up the price anywhere you go. (Thank god I only had a couple)

I wish I had taken a look around more inside to see what the ambiance was like inside, but it being covid times I felt a little uncomfortable snooping around. Probably not one to go to for a family meal in my opinion but if your having dinner with friends this is a great choice.

Well done guys, I look forward to coming back again.

To book a table or check out the rest of their menu visit their website here

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