Making the move

2 years in…

Well I have been RUBBISH at posting in recent months so I must make more of a conscious effort to keep you all updated. Things have been the usual 100 miles an hour since we moved in to the house with all of our attention and time being spent on starting our own business. HenryContinue reading “2 years in…”

ITA Received!!

We got our ITA!!! WOO HOO!!! For those of you not totally up to date in immigration terminology that means “Invitation to Apply” This is an invitation extended from the Canadian Government to Apply for Permanent Residency. Although this is not a complete guarantee of being able to stay forever, it’s not bloody far off!!Continue reading “ITA Received!!”

Covid Christmas….

Christmas 2020 I think was a strange one for everyone. A very emotional time at the best of times, with out the C word ruining it for everyone. For me I would have to say it has been pretty special. It felt like a triumph! Although I missed my family and friends in the UKContinue reading “Covid Christmas….”

Starting again

I’ve spoken before about what we bought over with us from the UK. Pretty much just clothes and a few basic bits. Our first home here was an AirBnB, fully furnished and had everything we needed. It was nice but it never really felt like home. We had to find a place to live afterContinue reading “Starting again”

Settling in

Settling in. Not something I’m even sure we have completely done yet. We have lived in Canmore for 10 months now, and it really is a wonderful place. We moved here on January 9th 2020, and any of you not living in outer space will know that mid-March 2020 the world shut down! The storyContinue reading “Settling in”

Packing your life up

Now I know everyone’s situations are very different and where you are leaving and where you are going to are all going to be very different. So here is my experience and things I wish I had thought of before I left. We had (still have – were renting to a friend) a modest 3-bedroomContinue reading “Packing your life up”

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