Visa Update – Feb 21

For those of you following our journey, now feels like a good time to give you an update on our quest for permanent residency.

We have officially lived here over a year now, and I have been in my job over a year. Hard to believe all the time that has passed and the seasons we have gone through. But more that ever we know now this is the home for us. There’s no going back.

To celebrate our one-year anniversary we had some family photos taken by a good friend of mine from work. Hunter is a fabulous photographer and some may say wasted working as a butcher, But I think there is equally as much skill to be a butcher! He’s working on a portfolio and offered to take some photos of us so he could get used to working with children. Rocket certainly gave him something to work with. We are thrilled with the photos, what a lovely way to commemorate making it through the year.

So now we have been here a year, we are bumped up a level in the visa world. Everything is based on points. For education, work history, skills, language and then experience (Meaning how long you have worked in Canada) 448. That’s our score! Not a particularly good one I’m afraid but it has certainly improved.

We took our English exam (for the second time, the first one expired as we have been trying for so long) The first time we took IELTS in Cambridge. It was in a huge hall in Cambridge university filled with Chinese hopefuls, I think there were 4 of us who were British and a good 50 that weren’t. It took 6 hours and everything was manual, writing on paper and listening to tapes out loud. It was painful! This time, for the sake of some variety, we took CELPIP in Calgary. It being covid times the exam was very different this time. 4 of us in a huge room, separated by rows of computers. The whole thing was done on a computer with head phones, and the exam room was disinfected within an inch of its life. This time we had our own control over the test and could skip on when we were ready. It took 2 hours and we were on our way. Much better.

The test consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking. All things you think you have a pretty firm grip on being a British citizen but when the test is designed for people who English is their second language you are easily tripped up. It’s not particularly clear, and sometimes I think you can over think the answer … there for not getting it right.

Afterall…we are English! So doing an English exam is pretty frustrating. But in visa world you are merely a number. They don’t care who you are. (a pretty bleak outlook but after a good few years of trying, I can safely say that is exactly what it is)

So, we did our exam and got higher marks then previously that that gave us more points. Woo hoo!

I have worked at Valbella for a year so that gave us more points. Woo hoo!

So now we are in the “pool”. The Canadian government do a pick every two weeks. When they pick, they say “You need to have a score of XXX or higher” and then you are offered and ITA – “Invitation to apply” This is an invitation to apply for permanent residency. Following this you have to submit a shit load of paperwork to prove that everything you have said in your original application is true. You have to have a medical, and I’m sure fork out more money and dig up more old paperwork to prove your value to this country.

The first pick of the pool once we had been entered was 454…6 point off! How painful! We have been assured by our lawyer that this year score requirement will drop because of covid. Canada has a huge immigration target to meet as last year everything stood still. This weeks pick was supposed to be on Wednesday, that didn’t happen. SO now we wait!

Dear Canadain Government – Thank you, My anxiety levels are through the roof, every day waiting to hear if we are worth it, no define date of when these decisions will be made, and a general uncertainty about the whole bloody situation – kind regards – EVERYONE APPLYING TO LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY!!


But there is hope. I’m confident the score requirement will drop for us. But if not, In October Henry will have been working for Tanmanz for a whole year and we will get some more points. Woo Hoo! Then I’m sure we will have no problem. As I have said before, We are not turning back now. We have come too far. We will make this happen!

Our work permits expire end of January 2022 so I am confident we have enough time. I’ve taken to positive affirmations. (I know I know – all very spiritual, but being negative doesn’t help anything) I say in the mirror out loud three times a day. “We are worth it and we are going to be chosen”

Let’s hope it works aye!

Fingers crossed everyone

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