Life in Waiparous, so far…

It’s been a while since i wrote, but life’s been pretty full on so i have been finding lots of excuses to not sit down and tell more of our story. (will try and do better from now on)

The first month of living here Henry and I worked our arses off outside, clearing the huge mess of the garage and cutting the grass so we could (literally) see the wood through the trees. Our garage has enough space for 4 cars but was so full of sawdust and old crap that you could barely get the lawn mower in. We completely stripped it out, kept the good stuff four ourselves, threw a lot in the dump and flogged a few bits on facebook.We filled in holes, put up cupboards and painted EVERYTHING, and now the garage is looking great. we have enough room for all the cars, Henry has a great space for “tinkering” around with his toys, and all the tools are organised, cleaned and actually useful.

Before shots below… will take some nice ones of the inside when it’s not so arctic outside!

The land has started it’s big make over too. Henry has strimmed and mowed the big “pit” in front of the house. This was once a big pond but the previous owner blocked it up. we plan on bringing it back one day to be our own mini lake and hockey rink. For now we are working on leveling the ground, cutting down bushes and trimming back trees. The biggest change has been the bank just behind the house. The scary old play house used to be there ( see my instagram for the video of us taking it down) Alot of fallen dead trees and old logs, and alot of saskatoon bushes and scraggly looking old trees. We have cut it all right back, trimming the bases of the trees to make them stand out, and clearing all the deadwood so we have nice base to work on. This area will eventually become a little back garden with soem nice lounge furniture, and a tree house for Rocket…. watch this space. It’s all covered in snow now but looks perfectly flat. I love it!

Inside the house every room is still a work in progress. Now the nights are getting darker and colder we will be working more inside to get things how we want them. But a little home stying is going a long way. my favourite room at the moment is the entry lounge. We seem to light the fire every day, and the dogs have made it their new favourite spot. The perfect spot for our Christmas tree and cozy cuddly nights that are not all based around what’s on TV.

Here’s a before and after…

our current project is the main lounge and kitchen. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks i can share photos of the finished look with a proper before and after photo.

Lots of other changes happening in the Curtis household. Henry and I have both left our jobs in Canmore and on to different things. We have some pretty exciting projects in our professional life which i will share all on when they are signed, sealed and delivered.

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