Little skater boy.

Last winter when we went skating we just let Rocket run around on the ice in his boots (which he loved) Henry and I have both really enjoyed getting out on the ice, it’s a winter sport we can do without writing off a whole day, needing to find childcare, or pay for a lift pass.

We wanted Rocket to be able to come with us but not have to break our backs carrying him around while we learn to balance ourselves! Rocket is so much like his dad and seems to take to any sport that comes his way, even at just 2 and a half!

So this year we waded in and bought him some skates and these new stabilisers which are BRILLIANT!!

Totally adjustable and fit most skates (even big sizes) Rocket can shuffle around the ice under his own steam and he just loves it.

We got ours in Canadian Tire if anyone is looking for some. $25 well spent to save you from breaking your back.

His skates are Canadian tire too and they were on sale. Well worth keeping an eye out for CT skate sales for kids. Hopefully they last him the season otherwise they will be going on market place to fund the next size up.

Cochrane has really great ice rinks. We think they are better maintained then other places but I’m not going to bad mouth them. (Cough! Canmore! Cough!) we often have them to ourselves when we go in the week, but even if we don’t there is enough space to share and the local kids are very accommodating to mini hockey dudes in the making. Last time we went the “bigger boys” even let Rocket use their puck. 😊

We have also made some lovely friends in Benchlands village who have shown us the perfect little lagoon off the Waiparous river that freezes and he has cleared for skating. It’s a great little community spot and we can take the dog to that one. She loves chasing after the puck and pissing everyone off trying to play Hockey 😂

As they say it’s not what you know… but who 😇

One thing that has really surprised (and pleased) me is Rockets new found compassion. He seems genuinely worried if Henry and I are on the floor (defiantly not from falling over) His little face as he shuffles over to help pick me up melts my heart. “Ere go mummy” as he reaches out his hand to help me stand is just the best. Let’s hope this stays as he grows in to the boisterous little adrenaline junkie we can all see him growing in to.

One thought on “Little skater boy.

  1. You paint a brilliant picture of life in Canada
    And only sad I cannot share it with you but I can see it from your story. Happy daze. X


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