ITA Received!!

We got our ITA!!! WOO HOO!!! For those of you not totally up to date in immigration terminology that means “Invitation to Apply” This is an invitation extended from the Canadian Government to Apply for Permanent Residency. Although this is not a complete guarantee of being able to stay forever, it’s not bloody far off!!Continue reading “ITA Received!!”

Wild Ice – Edition #2 – Minnewanka

Henry and I had an amazing experience skating on lake Minnewanka this winter. The lake, just outside Banff, is huge, and gives you so much space to explore. Our new year’s resolution of making more time for each other has started with our Friday afternoon dates. Making the most of a small amount of timeContinue reading “Wild Ice – Edition #2 – Minnewanka”

Getting a VISA… The hard way!

As we wait on the fate of our PR application here is the story of our visa quest so far. Henry and I have been lucky enough to work in other countries before. We both have done winter seasons in Austria when working and moving was much easier. Henry is a qualified snowboard instructor soContinue reading “Getting a VISA… The hard way!”

1 Year “Canaversary”

Saturday the 9th January 2021 marked our 1 year “Canaversary” 1 year since we left the UK and all our family and friends. Neither of us really knew how to feel about it! Exhausted is probably the best word to describe it! So much uncertainty when we first arrived and then a marathon of aContinue reading “1 Year “Canaversary””