The Float: Banff to Canmore on The Bow River

It’s early January, pretty bloody cold, and lockdowns been extended! (great!) This seemed like a perfect time to tell you about my favorite summer adventure to cheer us all up! If you find yourself in Canmore mid-summer then you will not be able to avoid the beautiful Bow River and all the activities that itContinue reading “The Float: Banff to Canmore on The Bow River”

20-21 – New year intentions

HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2021 – The year the world was going to magically transform, covid would go away, global warming will have disappeared and world peace will reign over the land…. Yeah Right! But it’s nice to be optimistic. This changing of the year was pretty quiet, As I know everyone’s was. Henry andContinue reading “20-21 – New year intentions”


Today is one of those bitter cold days. Obviously it’s cold in Canada in the winter, and right now we are in late December, the sky is gray and it says -6 but feels more like -15. The perfect time to think back of those warm summer days and outdoor activities. When you arrive inContinue reading “LadyMac”

Review: Kootenay Park Lodges

If you’re looking for a minibreak in the area then I would highly recommend visiting Kootney park lodges. The 6 of us (Henry, Me, Rocket and the sausage crew) booked to stay in a cabin for one night for mine and Henry’s 5th wedding anniversary. The lodges are located at vermillion crossing on highway 93.Continue reading “Review: Kootenay Park Lodges”

Covid Christmas….

Christmas 2020 I think was a strange one for everyone. A very emotional time at the best of times, with out the C word ruining it for everyone. For me I would have to say it has been pretty special. It felt like a triumph! Although I missed my family and friends in the UKContinue reading “Covid Christmas….”

Getting around the Bow Valley – Buying a car

Getting around in the Bow Valley. Move to Canada, Buy a truck…. that’s how it works right? That’s the dream. For any of you reading this who are in the process of moving then I highly recommend you get your paperwork together before you leave the UK. Although not totally impossible, it is not easyContinue reading “Getting around the Bow Valley – Buying a car”

Sundance Lodges: review

For anyone looking for a fun, easy camping experience with kids I would highly recommend Sundance Lodges in Kananaskis. You can go with you own tent or RV or you can hire one of their Tipis or Trappers tents. We hired a trapper’s tent for Rockets first birthday and it was excellent. We don’t haveContinue reading “Sundance Lodges: review”